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The Northeast Texas Association of Black School Educators (NETABSE) is an affiliate of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and is committed to personal and professional development; with a compelling spirit to give back to others.

Message From President

Greetings to All!

The Northeast Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (NETBSE) is a vibrant organization that works to bring about positive growth for all students of Northeast Texas, with a focus on helping those that are educationally underserved.  To a great extent, African-American students nation-wide categorically experience unnecessary and frequently unavoidable challenges to learning. Thus, the NETABSE’s emphasis is on narrowing educational gaps and continuously raising the bar towards excellence for all learners.  When students, impacted by the NETABSE, become academically and socially successful, we are truly able to claim our success as educational leaders, having provided them some of the very tools they need in order to attain the highest levels of accomplishment.

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